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She could not have been more wrong.

#i’m still upset about this#tiny shy little nerdboy leopold fitz meeting someone who he thinks could be his first real friend#but he doesn’t want to screw it up and have her think he’s stupid and not worth her time#so he spends months (/MONTHS/ OKAY I’M STILL CRYING) agonizing over the One Perfect Thing to say to her that will make her like him#and until then avoids her so he doesn’t say something stupid#and jemma#our lovely competitive jemma#sees the one guy at the academy who seems unaffected by her beauty and above average fashion sense#and the explanation her mind jumps to for this is ‘the smartest person here hates me#he sees me as a rival; alright#we’re enemies now’#when really he was just too scared to talk to the smartest person he’d ever met#(and i’ll never get over how they both thought the other was the smartest oh god)#stupid dumb idiot science babies (via youremorethanthatjemma)

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